Tolerant oil – 10 important facts about Corn Oil

It does not matter if you are young or old, or if your skin is dry or deals with wrinkles, or if your hair are oily or dry or you fight skin problems (on face, feet, body or head). Corn oil will be your friend. You will love it for the benefits it will grant you with. Why? Here are some important facts about corn oil:

1. It is extracted from the germ of corn (that is where the highest concentration of vitamins is, so they have the greatest impact on our organism).

2. The most valuable to health and beauty is cold pressed oil, however it is difficult to obtain it, because of short expiry date (about 3 months). Don’t worry, you will use it all up, because it can be applied on more than just hair, but also face, body, feet, nails and… salads.

3. It is rich in vitamins and minerals: C, A, K, D, E and B, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc.

4. It wouldn’t be full-value oil if not for EFA – essential fatty acids – like: oleic, linoleic, palmitic and stearic.

5. It is well tolerated by every skin and hair type, as we mentioned above.

6. It helps in elimination of psoriasis and dandruff, regenerates dry ends, moisturises and provides hair with gloss, but also protects hair against harmful external factors and impurities from external world and UV radiation.

7. It makes hair more resilient by creating protective barrier on their surface. Thanks to it, hair are not that subjected to damages caused by all types of treatments like permanent wave, colourisation, drying, straightening, etc.

8. By hair oil treatment combined with scalp massage, you can strengthen hair bulbs and improve blood circulation in skin cells. Thanks to it, hair not only don’t fall out, but also age much slower and skin stops producing this much sebum, so hair are not becoming greasy this fast.

9. It contains organic compounds called phytosterols. Those substances help improve processes in intercellular structures and repair them if it is necessary.

10. It is perfect as a first oil to try for cosmetic purposes (it can always be used in salad as well), because of its beneficial properties on all hair and skin types, it will never cause any harm. It will always be great purchase.