Corn Oil. Discover The Power Of Natural Oils In Cosmetics

The best corn oil is the one that has been cold-pressed but not reined. Only then, it contains valuable nutrients and has amazing beautifying effects. Corn oil, as well as other natural oils are worth looking for in face, body and hair care.

Meet the best products with the content of corn oil (and not only!)

Corn oil – learn more about it

Natural corn oil is is oil extracted from the germ of corn (maize) by cols pressing. Its natural colour is intense orange, although its golden, refined version is more popular. For many years it has been used for cooking, as well as in cosmetology due to its amazing nourishing properties. Check out how it works.

  • It has antioxidant properties.
  • Effectively nourishes, moisturises and strengthens hair.
  • Regenerates damaged cell membranes.
  • Inhibits cell ageing processes.

Corn oil appears on the list of the best natural oils used in cosmetics. It is probably because it contains 85% unsaturated fatty acids – linoleic (omega-6) and oleic (omega-9). Saturated acids are a minority here. What is more, corn oil also consists of vitamins A, C E and B group. Fun fact: the content of vitamin E is twice higher than in olive oil.

The best cosmetics?
Not necessarily with corn oil, but always with oils.

The key to successful care is to choose products that will not only help us maintain the health of our skin and hair, but will also work in harmony with our nature. It is the same with alcohols used in cosmetics – thy always help to other absorb substances but at the expense of a damaged hydro-lipid barrier and opened scales.

Therefore, it is a much better solution to choose cosmetics with the content of natural oils because you can be sure that they are effective as well as safe. Fatty acids that are contained in all oils are like binders of adhesives inside our hair and a natural part of our skin. It does not have to be corn oil, although it works really well as a rejuvenating and moisturising agent.


NANOIL – Regenerating Oil For HairNANOIL – Regenerating Oil For High Porosity Hair

It works in harmony with the natural hair growth cycle and is matched to the its structure thus it is easily absorbed, works deeply and can be applied to the scalp.

Includes six of the best assimilable oils rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Those are: almond oil, argan oil, evening primrose oil, avocado oil, maracuja oil and cotton seed oil. Additionally: keratin, pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E, silk and lanolin.

Rebuilds inner keratin structures, seals scales, regulates scalp pH balance, smooths, adds shine, strengthens split ends, provides thermal protection and shields from other harmful external factors, reduces oily scalp and frizzy hair, facilitates combing and styling and visibly reinforces hair.

Owing to the two innovative ingredients Kerastim and Baicapil – oil prevents hair loss and boosts its growth.

It is a weightless oil that does not overburden hair. It is quickly absorbed and does not leave any greasy film on the surface. Also, it has a beautiful scent and is very efficient.

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bio-oil-universal-body-oilBio-Oil – Universal Body Oil

It has been made to reduce scars, stretch marks and wrinkles. Helps to even out skin colour, smooths, inhibits ageing processes and strengthens hydro-lipid barrier.

It contains an innovative ingredients Purcelli Oil that improves absorption, vitamins, sunflower oil and four essential oils.

Bio-Oil is a lightweight, skin-friendly and hypoallergenic oil that can be used even by pregnant women who want to improve the condition of their skin.

How to use it? It is recommended to use it for at least three months, always with a massage. Bio-Oil will work well on the entire body and face (excluding damaged skin).

alterna-cavial-treatments-oil-teatmentAlterna Cavial Treatments – Oil Teatment 

It combines two technologies: the Enzymtherapy system, which provides hair with essential, highly-absorptive ingredients, Age-Control Complex (combination of caviar with vitamin C and omega-3 acids) responsible for inhibiting hair ageing. Also, Colour Hold to prevent colour-fading of dyed hair.

It has a friendly, oil form with deep nutrition and moisturising effects. It regenerates hair, smooths scales, adds softness and radiance, and prevents further damage.

Alterna Caviar Omega Treatments includes: caviar extract, sea silk, mountain rooster extract, sunflower oil and Abyssinian oil.

The oil can be used on both wet and dry hair. It does not require rinsing.

payot-elixir-face-body-and-hair-oilPayot Elixir – Face, Body And Hair Oil

Moisturising oil with myrrh and sandalwood extracts, which contains 8 natural oils: macadamia, hazelnut, sweet almond, borage, sunflower, soybean, rice bran and carrot.

The product nourishes and soothes the skin very well, thus the skin is protected from excessive drying. Also, it provides smoothness and softness to the skin. It makes it immune to stress and the harmful effects of external factors.

Payot Elixir works well not only for facial and body skin care, but also for hair.

wella-sp-liquid-hair-hair-serumWella SP Liquid Hair – Hair Serum

The treatment is recommended for damaged, brittle and sensitive hair exposed to damaging effects of air-conditioning and extreme temperatures.

It is a typical silicone, hair-regenerating treatment that rebuilds, nourishes and protects fragile strands. It is based on an innovative molecular technology that rebuilds keratin bonding and fills the gaps inside and on the hair surface.

It contains no natural oils or extracts, but it has keratin and panthenol. Complex care is based on the combination of alanine and histidine.

High temperatures are required in order to activate Wella SP Liquid Hair. The serum is to be applied after washing hair and drying it with a towel. Then, you have to dry your strands for about 5 minutes and rinse again to remove the product completely.